South Arkansas P.C. Repair
Any Service $50 includes Laptops and Desktops!!
I have been building and repairing computers for over 14 years. I offer virus removal, tune ups, repair, upgrades and data recovery. I can recover pictures, music and other documents from dead systems as long as the hard drive is still functioning. I also can bring back accidentally deleted files the same way. 

Virus removal and tune up is $50.
Any repair or upgrade is $50 plus the cost of parts, all repair work includes a complete tune up and parts are sold at 10% over cost. Data recovery varies in price as it is time consuming, $25 minimum or $50/gig.
Free virus protection is installed after every service if your existing protection is expired or non existent. Systems that are over 3 years old should have accumulated dust removed from the fans and heat sinks to restore cooling, also fresh heat sink silicone should be reapplied as it tends to dry up over time.

I'm only 5 miles north of Eldorado. Call for directions or I can pick up and deliver for an extra fee.

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